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Learn the Aesthetic and Technical aspects of
film composition

Workshop Dates:
October 25 - November 01, 2024

Gain real-world experience composing the original music for a film. 

Meet the Director, Producer, Sound Designer, Composer Agent.  Participate in extended Networking Events.

Record your music.


The Fusion Film Scoring Workshops are designed for musicians and composers looking to enhance their knowledge and compositional skills in writing for Film and gain experience writing for a live ensemble. The workshops aim to give the composer all the essential tools needed to create an original Film Score with seminars in-person and online by industry professionals covering both the aesthetic and creative aspects of writing for film and technical elements and score preparation.

The faculty will mentor and assist every composer in producing an original score for a live Ensemble (with or without Electronics, optional) individually;


Each participant will


  • Be mentored by our internationally acclaimed faculty and visiting industry professionals

  • Create an original score for a short film of approximately a 5-minute duration.

  • Receive copyright permission to use in their portfolio & share the film with their music


  • Receive a recording of their composition mixed and mastered and the pro-tools session with all the recorded material to be used creatively. 

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ALL Participants will receive accreditation to take part in the Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2024 where they will have the opportunity to meet film industry professionals and promote their work in the market (Agoraof the festival. Additionally, participants will receive access to the masterclasses of the Festival,  film screenings, and all Agora events. 

What are alumni say

Irelin Luo Photo S.jpg

Irelin Luo

It's incredible to learn so much information about film scoring in such a short period of time: from the film concepts to outlining music, from initial ideas to the completed music, and from personal work to diverse collaborations.

Enea Astori Photo S.jpg

Enea Astori

The recording session experience that you offer and all the tips on how to prepare the parts and the score are precious! And it's been wonderful for me to have my music played by such talented musicians!

Louis Shen Photo S.jpg

Luis Shen

The course contents are so great, I learned way more than I expected and made new friends with other participants.

Ron Hermansen Photo S.jpg

Ron Hermansen

The Fusion Filmscoring Workshop exceeded my expectations!  It was a wonderful experience to see how top professionals work 
and not only learn the film scoring process but how a film scorer interfaces with key decision makers.

Haruka Nita Photo S_edited.jpg

Haruka Nitta

I've learned so many things throughout this workshop in Thessaloniki.
Not only about music, also the film industry and how communication affects their works. 
I believe those are not something I can learn from books or the internet so I'm very happy to learn about them in person.

Isa Suarez photograph.png

Isa Suarez


A fantastic workshop and a brilliant program.  I enjoyed the workshop 
very much, it was  very
useful to learn new techniques, to meet and learn from your experiences 
and expert knowledge as well as the live ensemble. 


Joanna Karska

Thank you so much for organizing such a great workshop.

The practical part of composing music to one of the provided short films pushed me to learn skills that otherwise I would not pay much attention to.


Alex Sbaraglia

(online participation)

The workshop took place online but all the professors made me feel like there was no distance at all.

A special mention to Mihali and the wonderful musicians whose passion and dedication really amazed me during the recording session. All I can say is thank you for making me a better composer. 


George Papadopoulos

Fusion Film Scoring offers a workshop of the highest quality! Extremely organized and to the point sessions are being given from professionals that are currently active in the industry.


 Feedback was being given at every stage of the process creating a super safe environment where the tutors interact with the alumnis aiming for the highest possible result!

Joshua Robinson.jpg

Joshua Robinson

I had an absolutely amazing time, it was such an incredible experience for me and I learned so much

Anahita photo.png

Anahita Modaresi 

I have learned a great deal of knowledge in the workshop, many tips and tricks and techniques for a better understanding of the concept of composing for motion pictures. 

Grethen Gilles.jpg

Gilles Grethen

It was an amazing experience, it was very well organized and it was so great to meet fellow composers and get to know everyone.


 It was nice to hear from other people in the industry and learn how they collaborate with composers. 

Now, I know better how to interact with other professionals.

Brian Sorensen_FFSW_photo.jpg

Brian Sorensen

I can’t thank you enough for your generosity and mentorship.


Your kind support and experienced guidance over the past few months have really influenced my approach to both composition and the business in a positive way. 


Emily Ippolito

I found each day to be useful, informative, and fun.  I loved hearing from different people in the industry and loved how we got the chance to ask questions.

Roman Parkhomenko - photo.jpg

Roman Parkhomenko

I am very grateful to the Fusion Film Scoring workshop for the knowledge gained! For me it was a time of discoveries, acquaintances and new knowledge! The workshop gave me the opportunity to take lessons from film experts and understand how the world of film music works!

Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 17.56.50.png

Matteo Maria Salvo

 The advice and tips have been priceless and will be beneficial for my career for sure. Rehearsals were a great step of the workshop and I have to congratulate the great commitment and skills of all musicians, the piece worked and was performed perfectly


Melina Paxinos 

I learned so so much in a great atmosphere and everything we did was super exciting for me! 
Thank you so much! Your workshop is amazing!! I

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 10.47.26.png

Trimor Dhomi


Everything on the schedule was appropriately constructed to suit unexperienced and experienced composers. I had such a good time at the workshop and for me personally was a joy to create and deliver the music for the film. 

Wonji Lee_profile.jpg

Wonji Lee


More than my expectation. It was such a great time to join this workshop. Truly, I learned so many things. Especially information about preparing the music score for recording. It was so helpful to see how Mihali edit the score, and what we have to consider for smooth recording.


Mark Gurrola

I had an awesome time at this year's workshop, I learned a lot and thought the whole experience was definitely worthwhile. 

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