Learn the Aesthetic and Technical aspects of
film composition


The Fusion Film Scoring Workshops are designed for musicians and composers that are looking to enhance their knowledge and compositional skills in writing for Film as well as gain experience writing for a live ensemble. The aim of the workshops is to give the composer all the essential tools needed to create an original Film Score with seminars by industry professionals that will cover both the aesthetic and creative aspects of writing for film as well as technical aspects and score preparation.


The faculty will mentor and assist individually every composer in producing an original score for a live Ensemble (with or without Electronics, optional);


Each participant


  • Will have the opportunity to create an original score for a short film of approximate 5-minute duration. 


  • Will receive a recording of their composition mixed and mastered at Underground Studios.


Marco Muilwijk


 It has been a wonderful course I had a great time gaining new experiences in the field of music, visiting the wonderful city of Thessaloniki and last but not least meeting so many new and lovely people

Trimor Dhomi


Everything on the schedule was appropriately constructed to suit unexperienced and experienced composers. I had such a good time at the workshop and for me personally was a joy to create and deliver the music for the film. 

Mark Gurrola

I had an awesome time at this year's workshop, I learned a lot and thought the whole experience was definitely worthwhile. 

Anahita Modaresi 

I have learned a great deal of knowledge in the workshop, many tips and tricks and techniques for a better understanding of the concept of composing for motion pictures. 

Joshua Robinson

I had an absolutely amazing time, it was such an incredible experience for me and I learned so much