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The Fusion Film Scoring Workshops are designed for musicians and composers looking to enhance their knowledge and compositional skills in writing for Film and gain experience writing for a live ensemble. The workshops aim to give the composer all the essential tools needed to create an original Film Score with seminars by industry professionals that will cover both the aesthetic and creative aspects of writing for film as well as technical elements and score preparation.



Rules and Regulations 


  1. Workshop Rules 

  2. Awards

  3. Copyrights

  4. Additional Provisions 

1. Workshops Rules


1.1 The workshop is open to composers ages 18 and over and of all nationalities


1.2 The composers participating in the workshops will receive a Short Film, of approximately five (5) minutes in total duration for which they will have to score original music. 


1.3 Each participant should complete the registration form at and pay the workshop fee. The fee for the workshop is non-refundable if the participant cannot attend the workshops.


1.4 The Composers participating in the workshop will receive a recording of their composition. They will have complete copyrights to use the recording of their composition. 


1.5  The participants will not have the right to change, re-edit, or in another way alter the video file of the movie that will be provided to them. Selecting from a specific list of short films provided by the workshops, the participants will receive the copyright to share the music synchronized with the film freely.


1.6 Faculty: The faculty of the workshops is subject to availability. If a member of the faculty will be unable to participate in the workshop for any reason, the organizer shall find a substitute professor.  The faculty will be present in person and online depending on availability. 


2. Special Awards

2.1 All participants will receive accreditation to take part in the Thessaloniki International Film Festival where they will have the opportunity to meet film industry professionals and promote their work at the market (agora) of the festival. 

3. § Copyrights


3.1 The participant of the Workshops retain full ownership of their work, but, assign, on a non-exclusive basis and free of charge, their copyright to the compositions submitted for the Workshops and their artistic performances and recordings in a territorially and time-unlimited way for the FFSW to use for promotional reasons. 


3.2 Should third parties lay a claim against the Organizer on account of a breach by the participants of copyright or personal rights of third parties connected with the usage of the compositions, the participants of the Workshops shall indemnify the Organizer against any and all of such third parties. 

3.3 The participants of the Workshops grant the Organizer their permission to publish their image, which has been recorded by any photographic or recording techniques for the needs of organizing the Workshops and in accordance with the statutory purposes of the Competition Organizer.


4. § Additional Provisions

4.1 Unless otherwise provided by applicable law a complete legal relation between the participant of the Workshop and the Organizer shall be governed by the Greek Law.


4.2 The Artistic Director of the FFSW makes final decisions on all organizational issues. Such decisions are irrevocable and non-claimable.


4.3 The Organizer has the right to change the rules of participation.


4.4 Once a participant has completed their registration and paid the participation fee they shall be bound by the terms of this agreement.

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